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 Travel Planners

Travel Organizer (#305)    New concept--all the Lists you need for successful travel, printed on premium 70 lb paper--more durable. Fill-in-the-blank Lists with important information for the traveler plus those at home--a friend, a house sitter or a child care provider.  Special travel tips remind you what to do before you walk out the door.  Pack includes the special Travel Budget List as a bonus. Flexible format allows you to plan four trips for one person or two trips for two people or one trip for four people . Lists are more complete than the website Lists.  If you travel, save yourself frustration by purchasing this packet to pre-plan your trip.  Recently in Las Vegas I saw many of you tourists, confused,  and wishing you'd brought the other purse or walking pair of shoes.  This packet will help you remember next time

$3.95    7 styles of Lists, 18 Pages, Blue ink on 70 pound, premium gray paper

This one of a kind packet offers


4 Packing Lists


4 Travel Clothes Planners


2 Instructions for House Care


2 Instructions for Child Care


Travel tips


What to do Before you Leave Home


and a Bonus, 4 Travel Budgets & Gift List--unique




Packing Lists (#310)    Lost your suitcase and you can't remember what was  inside?  Or did you forget your passport?  You are a traveler who needs Packing Lists First it's a planning list.  Plan the clothes you are taking so your wardrobe coordinates.  It jogs your memory--what do you need to take? Next, it's a packing list.  One side includes all the miscellaneous items you'll need. Finally it's an inventory list.  Keep the list handy in case you lose a suitcase.  Now you have a record of the contents.  Use a new list for each trip.  Give one to each member of your traveling group to keep everyone organized.  Enough for 25 trips for 1 person or 1 trip for 25 people. 


   $4.95  Pad of 25, two-sided list.  Dark blue text. 8 1/2 x 11 inches



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Grocery List, Category Write In #210 $3.95
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Grocery List, Horizontal Alphabetical #225 $3.95
Grocery List, Horizontal Category #235 $3.95
Weekly Menu Planning Lists #240 $3.95
Permanent Menu Planning Lists #250 $3.95
Packing Lists #310 $4.95
Travel Organizer #305 $3.95
Meal Organizer #205 $3.95
Budget Organizer #505 $11.95
Lists for Muddle Mgmt--Book on CD Rom #605 $19.95
Lists for Muddle Mgmt--CD, 125 Lists #630 $9.95 (Special price, $7.95)
Lists for Muddle Management--E-Book #610 $21.95 (Sale priced $9.95)
Lists for Muddle Management--Print Book #600 $24.95
Lists for Muddle Mgmt Print / CD Combo #625 $34.90 (Special price, $16.95)

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