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4 Easy Steps to pre-plan your food & meals


At 17 years of age, I left home for college where I had a cafeteria across  the parking lot serving  three meals of all-you-could-eat food.  As a sophomore, my friends and I moved to an off campus apartment and started to take care of ourselves.  All four of us were neophyte cooks and grocery shoppers.  We'd gone along with Mom and put the crackers, chips and soda pop into the grocery shopping cart to make sure the important food items made it home. 

Now we were on a limited budget, hundreds of miles from home, tired from going to classes and studying, yet needing nutritious meals to sustain life.  We struggled.  If someone had given me the group of lists contained in the Meal Organizer, I could have saved myself much frustration.  Simplicity of use is the hallmark of this packet of ideas and Lists.

Also I've given seminars to women who've been cooking for years with many mouths to feed and I've watched the light come on for them when they saw how easy it is to plan meals, shop for groceries and have all the food needed for one week's worth of meals using this system.  If you have trouble with meal organization, give this packet a try. 

Includes the following:

Only $3.95 to gain control of your food planning and shopping for One Month


bulletBasic Menu Ideas
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bulletI Can Cook These Foods
bullet4 Weekly Menu Planners
Newly moved from home
bullet4 Weekly Grocery Lists (Horizontal / Category)
Old pros yelling "Help!"
bullet Grocery Store Advertisements Comparison
bulletSample Menu Planner


$3.95 Plans your meals for one month--no other Lists needed


20 pages, 4 styles of Lists for 4 weeks ($1.00 per week for meal happiness)

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