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List Organizer--Over 140 organization Lists available for a small yearly subscription fee.


$11.95 (one year=$1.00 a month or 1 penny per List)   Item #: 700

You don't realize it yet, but in the next two minutes you are going to learn how to finally get organized in your personal life.  The secrets of personal organization escaped me for years as I tried this system, bought many books, set up planning systems, tried to deal with procrastination and felt good if I kept my head above time meltdown for another day.  Here is the condensed version of my story and what led me to the 140 Lists I share with you.
P.S. If you hate to read all of a sales letter and just want to get to the part where you sign up, scroll to the bottom and the button for signing up for a subscription is there--I do that and I want to help those of you who hate reading all of the sales material. 

KayLee and the story of List Organizer

Most disorganized people can't point to the day that they lost control of their time because it happened a step at a time as events, clutter, people, and responsibilities increased and hours stretched to take care of all those time-takers.  Of course sometimes birth, death, accidents, health problems hit us all at once and change our schedules, but the addition of small developments get us behind a little today and more tomorrow and so forth. 

You understand if you put enough small pebbles in your pocket, the weight will pull down your pocket and eventually the pocket will tear since it can't stand the addition of so many pebbles which now weigh as much as a large rock. Sure, you would never stuff a rock into your pocket that was too big, but you keep adding small pebbles--substitute the words small chores or daily tasks--and the fabric of your pocket gives way.  Similarly, the structure of your life tears under the weight of too many time wasters and household tasks.

Unscheduled breakdown

 At one time, I directed my life and thought I could juggle the myriad responsibilities of my personal to-do list.  Gradually I added a husband and four children and found my life was creeping out of control with the dishes, laundry, cleaning, pets, bills, mail, schedules and a full house.   I started reading many books about how to get organized and all those magazines that touted the latest idea for pulling it together.  A few changes were made, but life was spinning along and my body and soul were wearing down from too much work and not enough sleep.

 Those First Lists

Working smart had to be the answer since I couldn't add time to my day. So I started making Lists.  Maybe you've also tried making Lists.  The trouble with Lists is they take a long time to make and I would leave off half the items I needed to include and I wrote them on small slips of paper that disappeared. 

With six people at my dining table each day, my first Lists were a Grocery List and Menu Planners to help me organize the meals. Making a great grocery list takes much more time than scribbling items onto the back of an envelope.  My scribbled grocery list was never complete plus there wasn't any system to the list since I just put things on as I remembered them.  Then at the store, I had to try to find the food in some kind of order although my list didn't match up with the very organized aisles.

A structured list was needed and I spent hours making three (3) styles of grocery lists and offering them to my friends and family, except they wanted me to give them pre-printed and pre-made lists because they didn't have any time to copy the grocery lists.  Who had time to copy and make a list? My friends wanted to be able to stick a list on their refrigerator and take it to the store for their shopping trip.   Everyone was struggling just like I was.

My next List was a Camping List since I always forgot half of the food and supplies when we headed out for a weekend in the Colorado wilderness. 

Offering Lists to the Public

People liked the idea of the Lists, but a friend said, "KayLee, I don't have time to copy your Lists.  Can you copy them for me?"  Her remark got me started printing and selling Lists so people were able to stick a grocery list on their refrigerator, fill it in during the week and take it to the store for easy shopping. That is how I became acquain ted with the printing business as dozens of pads of grocery lists and meal planners rolled off the presses.  People actually wanted to buy these products and were willing to put down their hard-earned money to get copies of my Lists. 

Lists by the Dozen

My brain went on automatic until every time I found a challenge in the house, I organized the chore into a List to see if it helped.  Wow, I was making up Lists right and left to organize everything from clothes to travel to bab y care. As you can imagine, my list making skills improved as I spent hours inventing and refining my Lists. 

The list making continued and when I had 50 Lists, I started a website so people could download the Lists from the Internet.  The website took off until I had millions of hits and people asking my advice about how to get organized.  The website, www.listorganizer.com launched in September 2000 eventually climbing in rank to one of the top ranked websites in the world (about 60,000 in rank.) It included my 50 Lists as well as the Grocery Lists and Meal Planners. 

More Lists were added until my goal of 125 Lists gave me the incentive to write a book and include them all.  In 2003, I wrote Lists for Muddle Management and sold it in bookstores, on home shopping networks and on my trusty website.

Become a Expert and People Listen

One day I found I qualified as  a "Professional Organizer" as determined by the National Association of Professional Organizers.   I presented my unique ideas for getting organized at seminars and wrote about them in newspapers and talked about them on radio and television shows. 

The List Organizer system was refined as the years continued and I called it "Simple solutions for complex problems" since it got rid of my fuzzy thinking and helped me find a way through the overwhelming work involved in day-to-day living.

Although I started teaching about personal organization in 1992 with a few concepts about how to get people organized, it's taken me years of refinement to make Lists that appeal to many types of people with their different styles of home and personal life.

Refining the Lists and their Content

While many of my early concepts about  trying to organize a home were ideas I used to organize my own home, the basic concept of using Lists to assist people has remained the basis for List Organizer.  I still believe the best way to get organized with the least amount of effort is to use a well-made List and follow those simple directions.  The website now contains over 135 pages of Lists. 

I have lots of "thank you" e-mails from people who find simplicity and motivation in  List Organizer and the Power of Lists.  My struggles as a mother of four, at home with no board of directors or paid employees to help with the work overload, led to this conclusion:  "If you want to get organized, use a List from List Organizer."

Remember how I started telling you how you probably got into your disorganized mess a little at a time.  The Power of Lists works because you use one List at a time, one line at a time, and you climb out of the pit of disorganization until life seems manageable again. 

So that's my story and the reason you will be helped is because you don't have to take years to figure out how to get organized.  Just print out any of the Lists, follow the instructions and you will know what to do.

You Benefit because I Hate to Market

Let me add a revelation about me--marketing is boring to me.  Although I know it is the most necessary, vital part of any business, it doesn't excite me.  Why does that matter?  It means that you get the benefit of my marketing foot-dragging since I offer a subscription to all my wonderful Lists for only $1.00 a month.  That's right, I am willing to let you have access to all my 140 (and more on the way) organization Lists for only $11.95 a year.

Why?  Because I hate to market and the Internet makes it too easy for me to contact you and make this offer to you.  Buy a subscription, get on the Member's part of the Website as often as you wish and download as many Lists as you want  There are Lists for everyone.  If you would like to see the contents of the Lists provided on the website, Click Here

I'm still in business and trying to make a living, so I don't offer the Lists--which include my years of hard work and refinement--for free, but I offer them to you at a bargain rate.  It's easier for me since I don't have to print the book filled with lists, package the book, ship it, bill people, have returns and so forth. I just say, "Here are all my Lists offered cheaply to you and you get on the Internet, 24 hours a day, when it's convenient for you, and browse the Lists until you find the ones that will help you get organized." 

It's better for you and for me.  It's called a win-win situation for both of us.  


From KayLee to you:


As a Bonus #1 I am offering, access to my newsletters, past and present.  That adds up to over 4 years of newsletters with ideas and telling you about my struggles with clutter and household cleaning and the world's demands. 


Bonus #2  To purchase the book for yourself or others, there is a special this month for Member's on the website.  Purchase a subscription to the Member's Website, and then buy the book at a reduced rate, even less than the special offered to the world on this website.  I can't tell you how much since it's only available to members, but if you like another 33% discount over the all ready huge 57% discount on the book, you won't want to miss this special.  (After you subscribe, the link to this special is on the Home Page at the bottom.)


Also you will receive notification of specials on List Organizer products for Members Only


Encouragement--to help you change your life and develop new habits

Testimonial: I am an avid list maker myself and I think this site is just great.  My home is littered with various post-it notes and lists in different colored inks indicating priority and category to the great amusement and sometimes irritation of my husband.  Heck, I'm very organized and have introduced him to the wonderful world of daytimers.  I like the sense of humor and lightness about this website.  L

KayLee, The help with your wonderful lists has changed my life!!! And my husbands life (not to mention kids), I can not thank you enough. I do not have the kind of mind that can organize but with your help..I went from chaos to order in every way..God Bless You.




To view the Table of Contents for the Member's Website, Click Here. Look over the contents of what is included when you purchase this membership. Or go to: www.listorganizer.com/membertoc.htm  for the Table of Contents

 Use the Power of Lists to help you get organized for the first time in your life.

Testimonial  "What an awesome site! Almost a year ago, I left a great job for an even greater one... I am able to stay home and raise my two boys (and maybe a few more down the road). I was always very organized at work and thrived on a deadline. Now that I'm home and have all day to complete my tasks, I feel like I don't know where to start! I don't know if others feel this way, but it is almost embarrassing! I'm amazed that I had so much responsibility while I was working outside the home and was able to be so productive. What happened? I have been looking for time-saving ideas for a long time.

So that's it--sign up and have access to all the Lists for one year.  If you don't like using the Power of Lists and they are not what you had hoped, cancel at anytime.  My only caution is these are Lists for personal and home use and they are not ideas for setting up a business office--although they will help you be more organized at home.

Subscribe now--Only $11.95 (One dollar per month) Equates to 9 cents per List per year for unlimited yearly access


You will be billed for a yearly membership which will renew in 12 months if you choose to continue.


 In one year,  PayPal will send you a renewal notice that you may accept or decline. There is is no other requirement nor any other fees associated with this subscription. 


Use your credit card (Visa or Master Charge) through PayPal which also accepts debit payments from a bank account. Or see below  how to order by mail.

$11.95 ($1.00 per month) for 12 months

ORDERING INFORMATION:  List Organizer accepts credit card payments (Visa or Master Charge) through PayPal which also accepts debit payments from a bank account. You may use your existing account if you are all ready a member or sign up for free with no further obligations.   

bullet  OR: You may send a check or money order to List Organizer, P.O. Box 853, Hurricane UT 84737--use the easy Mail Order Form  You will be issued a user name and password through your e-mail after your check or money order is received.  It takes approximately 2-3 working days after the order is received to confirm your payment and issue a user name and password.

PLEASE NOTE:      This subscription is for one year.  If you cancel during the year, you lose the remainder of your membership term.


The List Organizer website and the Lists may only be accessed by members who subscribe to the service by purchasing a yearly membership.  The fee of only $11.95 per year (less than $1.00 per month ) entitles the member to:


Unlimited access and personal use printing rights to all  Lists


Access to new Lists as they are added to the website


Access to currently dated Lists for budgets, goals, to-do lists, etc.

Your personal information is not shared with any other business nor individual.



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