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6 Easy Steps to plan and track your finances

          $11.95 for one year of record keeping--less than $1.00 per month

After looking for a paper-based budget planner, I decided to develop my own system.  I tried a computer software program and found it wonderful to see all those pie charts and graphs showing me where all my money went.  Also I found that it took me too long to enter all the information the computer needed to make all those pie charts. 

My home finances needed a simpler system that didn't took too much time, was easy to access daily and kept me from getting into trouble with my finances.  This new budget organizer is the final product that has taken me years to perfect.  Now I'm confident that it is ready to offer to you if you are looking for a simplified financial system for your personal finances.  This packet allows the non-accountant to keep track of monthly income, taxes, outgo of money and credit card charges each month.

Includes the following:

 1 copy Estimated Yearly Income--Guesstimate how much you plan to bring into your bank account this year

 1 copy Estimated Yearly Expenses--How much are you going to spend this year--write down your estimate

12 copies Monthly Income/Withholding Lists--Each month record your actual income and taxes.

12 copies Monthly Expenses--The budgeting pages to record actual bills and payment dates as your mail arrives so bills get paid during the month

1 copy End of Year Income Summary--Transfer the totals from your 12 monthly Lists for a yearly total.

1 copy End of Year Expenses Summary--Transfer the totals from your 12 expenses Lists for a yearly total.

12 copies of the Monthly Credit Card Lists--Keep track of your credit card purchase totals during each month

Instructions--How to use each page

Follow the 6 steps for 12 months of successful budgeting

   $11.95  for one year of record keeping (Less than $1.00 per month to gain control of your finances)

bullet 41 pages professionally printed on 70 pound premium, green astroparche paper with green ink
bullet Heavy duty, elegant paper, durable for the entire year--not cheap copy paper
bullet The loose leaf pages allow you to store system in your own binder with other financial information--no binding to limit you
bullet Begin in any month of the year--no need to wait until January
bullet Easy enough for beginners
bullet Monthly note section on the back of the credit card Lists to help you remember important addresses, telephone numbers, dates
bullet List due dates on the Monthly Expenses pages so you know when payment deadlines are approaching

ORDERING INFORMATION:  List Organizer accepts credit card payments (Visa or Master Charge) through PayPal which also accepts debit payments from a bank account. You may use your existing account if you are all ready a member or sign up for free with no further obligation. 

OR: You may send a check or money order to List Organizer, P.O. Box 853, Hurricane UT 84737--use the easy Mail Order Form.  Be sure to include the cost of shipping except for the e-book which is shipped on the Internet. 




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