Pet Care

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Remember when Mom said, "Do you know how much work it is to take care of a dog?"  Here's a list to help you remember that owning an animal is a big responsibility.  Some animals are easier to take care of than others, but they all take work. Next to each chore, mark how often it needs to be done.  Scratch through the chores you never do and ignore those.  This gives you an idea of the time commitment for your pets.  If you really want to be organized, transfer these commitments to a place on your planner or To-Do List.

Taking Care of a Pet


Daily Twice Weekly Weekly Twice Monthly Monthly Twice Yearly 3 Times Yearly Yearly
 Bathe pet                

 Brush and comb


Clean house or cage


Exercise, take for a walk

Feed, fresh water                

Flea collar, change


 Groomed by professional


License renewed

Litter box changed / scooped                


Nails clipped                

Teeth brushed


 Toys replaced or cleaned


 Vaccinations and boosters

Veterinarian exam                
Don't forget playtime with your pet                
Check water temperature                

Change filters

Add chemicals (waste eliminator, water neutralizers)                

Check air pump tubes

Clean fish tank                

Clean accessories (plants and ornaments)

Change water                

Take these items on a trip with your pet 


   Bed / Bedding / Blanket

   Bottle with water for refilling water bowl  
   Bowl for water  
   Carrying case / Kennel  
   Food / Treats  
   Pooper scooper  
   Toys / Catnip  
   Veterinarian records