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If you join the List Organizer Member's Website you will receive:

Contents of Basic Lists:

bulletTo Do Information (Start Here)  This information gives you the beginning you need to use the List Organizer system.
bullet Personal Care List--Ideas for What To Do
bullet Weekly To Do List--The basic List for organization
bullet Monthly To Do List--For projects that take longer
bullet Mission Statement--Write down where you are today and where you want to be in the future
bullet Resolutions--Ideas for the year so you can work towards setting goals.
bullet Goal Worksheet--How to plan and achieve your goals after you chose them.
bullet Monthly Goals--What are you going to do this month to achieve your goals?
bullet Dreams and Place to See--Quit dreaming--write down those dreams and places to visit
bulletTwo Lists to help with Delegation:  Honey Do (for the spouse) Delegation for friends and family including chore ideas for children.
bullet Child's To Do Lists--Many lists to help organize children.


bulletFood--How to gain control of this complex task from Recipes to Planning to Buying Food to Getting it on the table.
bullet Weekly Grocery List Alphabetical Check Off  Foods arranged all in a row from A to Z.  Extra List of Household and Health and Beauty Products.  For the pre-printed, colorful grocery lists click on product Grocery Lists.
bullet Category Check Off.  Foods arranged in categories to lead you to areas of the grocery store.  Includes the Household and Health and Beauty Product's List.
bullet I Can Cook--Write down what you know how to cook, gives you ideas
bullet Weekly Menu Planner--Plan your meals for one week, the minimum for successful meal organization.  Use the Menu Sample List to see how to use this form.
bullet Easiest Menu Planner--If the regular menu planner is too complex for you and you have simple meals, use this List.
bulletIt's A Feast--For planning any large meal for parties, holidays or special occasions.
bulletFor complete meal organization, buy the Meal Organizer or the Grocery Lists and Menu Planners Only $3.95


bullet Household Maintenance (Or how to have a clean house.) Cleaning and maintaining a household is a never-ending, maintenance nightmare.  When people live in a house, it gets stirred around and the model home look is hard to preserve. This list lets you keep track of those detail jobs that often get overlooked but they still prey on your mind.  Get them out of the guilt center of your mind and onto the pages of your planner.  This list tracks the way to a manageably clean house.
bullet Spring Cleaning--for the times when you want to spruce up the place and need some "get-started" ideas.
bullet Bathroom Cleanup--Every detail listed for a clean bathroom
bullet Bedroom Cleanup--How to successfully clean a bathroom
bullet Storage Area--Chose a closet or a garage and use this to get you started
bullet Kitchen Cleanup--Keep this area sparkling clean
bullet Kitchen Design--Rethink the layout of your kitchen
bullet Kitchen Cabinet--Reorganizing those cabinets
bullet Outdoor Cleanup--Clean up the patio, garden, sidewalks.
bullet Refill--My special list for refilling many products in one easy task.

 Also look at the Cleaning Supplies list to help you get started.

bullet Money--Income and Taxes for the month
bullet Budget #1--Budget and Expenses with the more important items at the top of the List
bullet Budget #2--Budget and Expenses for people with 2 paydays per month
bullet Budget Alpha #1--Budget and Expenses with the items in alphabetical order
bullet Budget Alpha #2--Budget and Expenses, alphabetical style for 2 paydays per month
bullet Credit Cards--Keep detailed totals for one credit card. There are 2 styles  to keep track of your credit card debt.  Try them both and chose the one that  makes sense for you and your lifestyle.  Just use one of them to keep track of those credit card purchases.
bullet Credit Card #2--Keep track of money totals from many credit cards
bulletFor complete budget organization, buy the yearly Budget Organizer Only $11.95


bullet Paper Files--How to organize a filing system
bullet File categories--Chose your own categories to personalize your system
bullet Paper Sort--Purge the files you have that are out of order
bullet Important Papers--Where should you keep specific papers
bullet Papers Keep--How long to keep documents in your files
bullet Mail--Organizing mail and faxes
bullet Address Book--Basic form to keep track of addresses
bullet Business Addresses--Fill in addresses for Babysitter; Banks; Cable supplier; Dentists; Doctors;etc.
bullet Family Addresses--For Family and Friends information
bullet Desk Setup--Whether you use the dining room table as a temporary desk or have a dedicated office, you will need some of these items. 


bullet Clothes Closets--Redesign your closet and then clean out the clutter with these ideas
bullet Clothing Inventory--Write down what you have in your closet now then put items into outfits
bullet Clothes Ensemble--Use that inventory to mix and match items into pre-planned outfits.  This one includes jewelry, belt, etc. with 8 planning boxes
bullet Clothes Outfits--A simplified coordination planner with only 3 boxes
bullet Clothes Buying--After putting together outfits, you'll find some orphan clothes items that you want to keep but need to buy other items for matching.  Or plan ahead
bullet Laundry Day--From sorting to putting away the clothes, here's a step-by-step guide to doing the laundry


bullet Travel--Start with a clothes packing list and necessary essentials.  If a suitcase gets misplaced, you have an inventory of its contents for insurance purposes
bullet Travel Tips--Things to do before a short trip and a longer trip
bullet House sitting--Give this to the person taking care of your house while you're gone.  Plus instructions for a babysitter.
bullet Baby packing--A special packing List for infants who have specialized needs
bullet House guest--When visitors are coming to stay at your house, prepare with this List
bullet Camping--A list of camping equipment and needs. Use in conjunction with the Packing List
bulletFor complete travel organization, buy the Travel Organizer or Packing Lists Only $3.95
Contents of Basic Lists #2:
bullet Under Age 18  This information helps to organize babies, children and youth.
bullet Child To Do Chart--Daily chores for children
bullet Child's Weekly Chore Chart--Seven days with a place for a check off or sticker when completed
bullet Child's Bedroom--Gives the child an idea of how to take care of their bedroom
bullet Child's Budget--A budget for youth or children with items geared towards their financial needs
bullet Baby's Needs--Setting up the nursery with furniture, bath needs, feeding needs, clothes
bullet Diaper Bag--Quickly see what you forgot to put into that important diaper bag
bullet Child Care--Fill in this List for the babysitter.  Boxes for important information
bullet Back To School--General list of school supplies.  Add your own specified List
bullet School Schedule--Class schedule information and yearly summary
bullet Before College--Information for high school juniors to prepare for college entrance


bullet Taking Care Of--This is special category that gives you basic information on how to take care of things around the house. Keep all these Lists in a safe place and tell your family or executor where they are kept
bullet Personal Information--General information and each member of the family
bullet Financial Information--Credit cards, investments and what's in the safe deposit box
bullet Funeral--If you have some definite thoughts about burial and funeral, list them here
bullet Identity theft--What to do now in case your wallet or purse is stolen later
bullet Colors and feelings--Why green is calming and identifies other color attributes
bullet Personal Grooming--Initiate good grooming and body care habits using this chart
bullet Medical Information--General medical information
bullet Medications--Very important  if you ever rush to the emergency room or to let caregivers know the medications you are taking
bullet Weight Chart--Keep track of the month, if your body weight is going up or down
bullet Woman's Body Cycles--Keep track of monthly cycles
bullet Automobile--How about a list of things of mechanical chores for car maintenance?
bullet Vehicle Cleanup--Clean out the clutter and polish up the inside and outside
bullet Entertaining--How to plan and enjoy a party including a budget List
bullet Pre-Holiday Planner--What to do before the November, December holidays
bullet After-Holiday Cleanup--Chores to do at the end of December and into January
bullet Gardening--Pre-plan how to take care of the garden
bullet Garden Design--A grid for planning how the garden will look
bullet Garden History--Keep track of where and when you planted , the price and the harvest
bullet How to Plant a Tree--Just for fun, a "how to" instruction List
bullet Pet Care--Take good care of your pet, includes a packing list for travel


bullet What To Take--Frustrating things happen when we leave the house and arrive at a destination with only half the things we need. 
bullet What To Take Shopping--One of my favorite Lists
bullet What To Take to Work
bullet What To Take to an Outdoor Concert
bullet What To Take on a Picnic
bullet What to Take on a Short Hike


bullet Books & Stuff--Clean out those stacks of books and CDs and sheet music.  This list will show you how
bullet Library Books--Keep track of what you checked out and when it's due
bullet Research Planner--Keep track of your main subject and your secondary points when you are looking up research materials
bullet Book List--Write down titles of books and movies you want to ready, rent and see
bullet Restaurants--When someone recommends a good restaurant, remember that fact using this List or use it to keep track of your favorite restaurants
bullet Household Setup--If you are getting married or moving out for the first time, check these lists to help start a new home with suggestions for furniture, kitchen supplies and more.
bullet Basic Kitchen Setup--What will you need to cook even the simplest of meals?
bullet Basic Food--Stock your pantry but what do you really need in those cupboards?
bullet Basic Furniture--A general list of furniture for a starter home
bullet Cleaning Supplies--To keep the place clean and bright
bullet Tool Kit--Every home needs a few tools for repairs
bullet Sewing Kit--Clothing tears need a needle and thread plus a few more items
bullet Emergencies--In the summer there are fires and floods.  In the winter there are blizzards.  In between there are tornadoes or earthquakes or hurricanes.  Life is filled with unexpected emergencies.  Prepare for them now with these lists.
bullet First Aid Kit--Basic supplies needed for medical care
bullet 72 Hour Kit--Prepare a suitcase with basic clothing, food and medications for a 3 day wait--the amount of time it takes for emergency aid to get to devastated areas
bullet Auto Emergency Kit--Do not leave home without preparing for an accident or breakdown
bullet Food storage--Keep easy to prepare foods on hand when the electricity goes out or when you can't get to a grocery store.  Before a job loss, illness or other disaster, keep extra food in the cupboards so you won't have to worry about basic food needs.


bullet Moving--This may be one of the most difficult days of your life unless you plan ahead and are prepared.  The moving list lets you prepare a plan to consider those pesky items that have to be done before you move and then what you need to do when you get to your new home. 
bulletFirst Move--For people leaving home for the first time. It's good for college students moving away from home or first time apartment renters. 
bulletFirst To Unpack--Keeps those very important items from being shoved to the back of the truck and being discovered a year later.
bulletPet Moving--Lets your pets enjoy a smooth  travel day
bulletAddress Change--Keeps track of everyone who needs to be informed of your move.


bullet Weddings This checklist gives you a place to plan the work and schedule approximately when it will take place.  Then make the plan work.
bullet Wedding Budget--Tells you who should pay for what at the wedding and keeps track of the budget
bullet Wedding Invite--What to put on the invitation
bulletAlso check out the Household Setup to see the basic supplies needed to begin housekeeping.

Any many more including Holiday Lists for November and December.


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bullet  OR: You may send a check or money order to List Organizer, P.O. Box 853, Hurricane UT 84737--use the easy Mail Order Form  You will be issued a user name and password through your e-mail after your check or money order is received.  It takes approximately 2-3 working days after the order is received to confirm your payment and issue a user name and password.

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